Most Frequently Seen Fall Migrant

Swainson's Thrush

Swainson’s Thrush

Never uncommon during fall migration, this year Swainson’s Thrush wins my award for Most Frequently Seen Fall Migrant. And although all these pictures were taken at LaBagh Woods on Sunday, where there may have been 100 but I reported 45 of these birds, I have seen Swainson’s Thrushes downtown daily and there were plenty at Columbus Park on Saturday, though not always offering themselves up for photographs. I’m sure Safety In Numbers had a lot to do with the pictures I took Sunday. Not that there were that many other birds vying for my attention.

SWTH LaBagh 9-14-14-5987SWTH LaBagh 9-14-14-6209SWTH LaBagh 9-14-14-5880SWTH LaBagh 9-14-14-5869SWTH LaBagh 9-14-14-6316

I give the bird below the award for Best Concealed Swainson’s Thrush Out In The Open.

SWTH LaBagh 9-14-14-6375

I hope to be back with more from recent near travels. I might not get out to see birds this weekend at all, so that could give me time to sit at the computer: I have a wedding to attend Saturday and rain is predicted for Sunday morning.

6 thoughts on “Most Frequently Seen Fall Migrant

  1. Hi Lisa, We unfortunately saw a Swainson Thrush after it had hit a window in our home this morning. He did not survive.

    • Oh I’m so sorry to hear that, Jim. Have you tried anything to prevent bird strikes? It seems every time I look this up someone has thought of something else. Apparently there’s even an ultraviolet spray. I hope you don’t have to hear that thud against the glass often.

    • Thanks, Jason. The thrushes can be confusing. Rule of thumb at least in one case is the Swainson’s show up before the Hermit Thrushes. Sorry for the late reply, and I have to get caught up with you. Life has been a little nuts lately.

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