Cooper's Hawk, Grant Park

Cooper’s Hawk, Grant Park

If I were better organized I would only upload pictures I was actually going to use in a blog post, but I am too often compiling posts on the fly and consequently I wind up making last-minute decisions of what to use and never going back to delete the unused, or “unattached” photos.

Black Vulture 4-26-14

Black Vulture 4-26-14

So this is a photo essay with no particular subject, only some previously unattached, unrelated blasts from the past.

Bewick's Wren, 4-26-14

Bewick’s Wren, 4-26-14

Northern Cardinal, Lake Shore East Park, 4-23-14

Northern Cardinal, Lake Shore East Park, 4-23-14

Lincoln's Sparrow, Songbird Meadows, 4-26-14

Lincoln’s Sparrow, Songbird Meadows, 4-26-14

White-Winged Crow, Daley Bicentennial Plaza Tennis Court

White-Winged Crow, Daley Bicentennial Plaza Tennis Court

Superb Starling

Superb Starling

Leopard 11-24-13

Leopard 11-24-13

I’ll be back in real time soon. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Unattached

    • My favorite too and it reminds me that I have not seen any of these hawks downtown for almost 2 years but now that trees and a park are going back in, maybe they will start coming back.

  1. The hawk photo is amazing, a painting couldn’t have been put together better. The sparrow also stands out with all the patterning…. cool.
    But unfortunately I just used up 30 minutes investigating white winged crows, never heard of them before!

    • Thank you! I think the birds have all the aesthetic sense and when they know it’s going to be a great picture, they pose for it. Don’t worry about white-winged crows, there is no subspecies, at least yet, but like any other creature there is some occasional spotty albinism going on. I think I read somewhere that less pigment in the feathers actually signifies some weakness in the feather structure and could be detrimental to the crow’s well-being. I didn’t know that at the time and used to favor this crow because I could recognize her, and she knew it and took advantage of me whenever she had a chance. But I have lost track of a lot of my clan since the park redo and have to get a handle on who’s who when we all get back together again.

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