Park’s Progress

Park 6-27-14-2047

According to a website complete with site cams I have just discovered, Maggie Daley Park progress is moving apace, and the first trees will be planted, it looks like, before the end of the summer. I suspect that wildlife will start moving in before the space will be open to the public, and am hopeful that at least more green space will attract avian visitors for fall migration.

Park Progress 6-13-14-1673

I have no idea whether this is an observation deck for the construction workers or a permanent fixture in the park, but I suspect the latter, or maybe a little bit of both. It looks too elaborate to function solely for the construction effort.

Going down to Lake Shore East Park which is north of Millennium and the Maggie Daley project, there is a stair-wall to be navigated from the west side. The park looks lush, green, and…pretty birdless.

Stairs 6-27-14-2061

Park 6-27-14-2057Fountains 6-27-14-2070

I did manage to hang out with American Crow families a few weeks ago while the kids were still young and begging, but I have not seen them in recent weeks. I suspect, as always, they have taken the weaned preteens off to learn how to be crows in larger, less-peopled spaces.

Juvenile Crow being Fed 6-11-14-1464 Juvenile Crow begging 6-11-14-1516 Juvenile Crow begging 6-11-14-1511 Juvenile Crow begging 6-11-14-1497 Juvenile Crow 6-11-14-1564

Occasionally I encounter a single crow somewhere who shirks its sentry duties and partakes of peanuts.

Crow with Peanut 6-9-14-1401 Crow with Peanut 6-9-14-1422 Crow with Peanut 6-9-14-1411

There was a semi-photographable Red-Winged Blackbird in the Lurie Garden last week.

RWBB Lurie 6-19-14-1826

The only thing that kept me from going to any parks on Monday was lugging two boxes of blueberry coffee-cake scones downtown for Kim’s birthday. Too hard to lug the camera. So I can no longer take a walk without a camera. Tsk, tsk.

Blueberry Coffee-Cake Scones

I played hooky today (albeit planned ahead of time) and bought a vehicle sticker for the new car, worked in the yard, and put away all my tax receipts for the last 8 or 9 years while still trying to find the title for the old beater. No luck yet, but I will be organized after all this. I also baked pineapple bread and made some delicious cabbage/carrot slaw. Weather-wise it was a glorious day to do anything. I am claiming the entire weekend’s excellent weather for my birthday, so there is no need for anyone to elaborate further on that event, since nothing can top the gift I have already received.

Getting up early to go somewhere. Report to follow. Happy Independence Day to all U.S. readers!

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    • Thanks so much, Jim & Julie. I wouldn’t normally draw attention to my birthday which is tomorrow (after the neighborhood fireworks, akin to a war zone) but the weather this weekend makes me glad to be alive. 🙂

      • For sure. Julie’s marching in the Homewood parade with a peace group. I’m heading out to just be out. Enjoy the weekend.

      • I love it. Hope to run into you again soon, but it probably won’t be this weekend. Maybe next, who knows? Enjoy!

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