A Crow Batik

Peanut Crow 3-3-14 6517.jpg-6517

It was snowing “lake-effect” when I got off the train this morning. Wearily, I looked down at the river where a female White-Winged Scoter fished amongst several Red-Breasted Mergansers. Too cold and raw to stay.

Snow Crow 3-3-14 6473.jpg-6473

But by 1:30 p.m. the sun had come out in full force and it was a beautiful day to be out. Still cold, but not windy. I was on a mission to purchase cilantro since I had none in the refrigerator the night before and I needed to make guacamole to use up the avocados I bought last week. I packed the camera and peanuts on my back, in case there were crows to visit on the way back.

Crow 3-3-14 6544.jpg-6544

Sure enough there were crows, even on the way. Something like 20 crows flew way overhead, turning and twisting against the sky. Six landed on top of the Pritzker Pavilion, as if to wait for my return. They were not there when I came back, but it did not take long for four crows to discover me and the peanuts.

Peanut Crows 3-3-14 6527.jpg-6527Peanut Crow 3-3-14 6513.jpg-6513Crow 3-3-14 6539.jpg-6539

After a while I just decided to see if I could focus on the crows’ acrobatics in the air and sometimes almost on the ground.

Crow 3-3-14 6540.jpg-6540Crow 3-3-14 6542.jpg-6542

The picture below mystifies me. It reminds me of nothing, except perhaps a crow turned inside out.

Crow 3-3-14 6519.jpg-6519

If I didn’t know this was a Crow…

Perhaps we are all more at ease with the slip and slide of snow and ice.

Crow Flight 3-3-14 6467.jpg-6467

The light was bright against the snow, but the angle of it is much more welcoming, on March 3. Spring is here. We’re not done with the snow yet, but the sunshine helps. A lot.

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  1. Spring is battling the unusual cold weather by giving us great moments of sunshine as to announce its presence. Nice photos Lisa! 🙂

    • Thanks, Bob. I really wasn’t expecting to get anything out of yesterday’s aCrowbatics especially because the crows are still wearing their winter shyness, but it was fun to realize the sun was warm enough I could take my gloves off!

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