Meanwhile, Back at the Mac

Grey-Crowned Cranes

Grey Crowned Cranes

I’ve been struggling to fit in a blog post based on the current weather situation, but it’s the weather that prevents me from doing so, whether it’s train delays or just plain exhaustion from having to deal with it…

At the same time, my heart goes out to those on the other side of the planet who are dealing with the exact opposite – terrifyingly too hot, too dry.

Gray-Crowned Crane 11-21-13 5682.jpg-2

For a moment, I’ve decided to look forward again by looking back at some more photos from the East Africa trip.

Gray-Crowned Crane 11-21-13 5675.jpg-2

I came across a day in the Serengeti when we must have seen many Grey Crowned Cranes, and they are a delightful sight. There’s so much more going on with this bird than grey!

Grey-Crowned Cranes 11-22-13 6338.jpg-2

Maybe they do start to blend in a bit when the landscape is grey. But their crowns definitely contribute to their regal appearance.

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