Early Bird Gets Worm

Tasty Bug 1 IMG_9672_1

Wednesday on my way to work, I visited with White-Throated Sparrows at Union Station and 155 N. Wacker. There were at least a dozen or more at each location, making them easy to see and sometimes photograph. The light is always poor, though, early in the morning at 155 N. Wacker because of the building shadows. Even so, sometimes it’s worth the effort.

Tasty Bug 2 IMG_9673_1

So I had this White-Throated Sparrow who was so interested in his worm, he almost forgot about me. Click on the pictures for enlargements.

Tasty Bug 4 IMG_9676_1

Here’s a side view of another White-Throated Sparrow. The individual differences between birds always interest me.

WT Sparrow IMG_9707_1

Later that afternoon at the Lurie Garden, I caught this White-Throated Sparrow contemplating his next move. The garden must seem like heaven for these guys this time of year.

WT Sparrow IMG_9751_1

More sparrows to come.

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