Wherefore art thou, flickr page?

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

I just deleted the link to my flickr page because the page no longer exists. It seems somewhere along the line, probably due to some wonderful merger I wasn’t paying attention to, my account got deleted. I have no idea where my photographs associated with it went, and I was forced to set up a new account with nothing in it. As I recall, I have paid for this privilege. I’ve asked for help twice to no avail.

Thanks for listening to my rant. There were some photographs on flickr that I do not have anywhere else. This constitutes sentimental, not “real” value, of course.

I’ll be back soon with a more topical post. Until then, above is the last Monarch Butterfly I saw this year, about two weeks ago.

5 thoughts on “Wherefore art thou, flickr page?

  1. Oh dear. I’m sorry to hear that you have lost some photos. I have heard of this happening before, so I do hope you’re eventually able to get a satisfactory resolution, even if it takes a while. Good luck.

    • Thanks for your concern. Actually what happened is, I found my flickr account but I can only access it from my laptop. I had been trying to access my page to look something up at the work computer and I got a run-around which made me create the new account and I’m a little leery of getting rid of it just in case it wipes out the original one somehow. I keep trying to get a response from their “help” but of course they promise and do not deliver. Such are the complications of digital life. I’ll try to put the flickr link back up soon… ! Kind of like going down the cloud rabbit-hole.

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