Dueling Goldfinches

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinches, in their bright colors, bubbly songs and whiny little calls, seem so civilized and perhaps even cheerful. They’re exclusively seed-eaters. But I confess to knowing little about the private lives of goldfinches. I have never seen them fight.

Suddenly two male American Goldfinches erupted into the air Thursday at Springbrook Prairie. I turned the camera on them to get this sequence of tumbles and one actual attack.

Battling Goldfinches IMG_4637_1

Battling Goldfinches IMG_4638_1Battling Goldfinches IMG_4639_1

Battling Goldfinches IMG_4640_1

Battling Goldfinches IMG_4641_1

It didn’t last very long and I don’t think anybody got hurt, but the intruder gave up his challenge to the victor’s territory.

8 thoughts on “Dueling Goldfinches

    • Thanks. I was a bit surprised I got the pictures because I was quite far away from the action, but maybe all that time spent trying to capture the crows flying is starting to pay off.

    • Well put. Actually I should not be surprised, when it comes time for the birds to get down to business only one thing matters. I have had occasional territorial disputes in my own house and they have gotten pretty nasty,

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