Spring Sing

Cardinal IMG_2151_1
Oh how I wish I could still play for the wild birds! I’m getting ready to give a litte talk in a couple weeks and in the process I’ve been going through a few tapes, trying to get some of the earlier recordings when the windows were wide open and I was up in the trees.

In the spirit of spring, listen to this little clip from the third movement of Mozart’s Sonata No. 8 KV 311 in D Major. There’s a beautiful cardinal singing along!

6 thoughts on “Spring Sing

    • Thanks, Linda! Listening to the older tapes, I miss playing Mozart sonatas. But were it not for the birds’ encouragement, I never would have made it through them all to begin with.

  1. Lovely duet! The Eastern Phoebe is “my bird” of spring. They aren’t musical but what they lack is singing ability, they make up for with persistence!

    • Thanks, Jo Ann. Maybe the Phoebe’s are more into “new” music. (?) I suspect they are musical in their own way. I know what you mean though, I always love to see the first Phoebe.

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