The Joy of Cookie

Joy of Cookie IMG_1700_1

I’ve been making the “Birdz Cookies” for years, but the night before the Starved Rock trip two weekends back (still going through those photos), I decided to improve the recipe some more by using less sugar. The original recipe calls for equal amounts of brown and white sugar; I substituted a tablespoon of molasses for half of the white sugar. Then when it came to adding the peanut butter, there was extra left in the jar, and it seemed silly not to use it up. Whole wheat flour, oatmeal, raisins, cinnamon, what’s not to like? The cookies went over well with the people who tried them. The crows have been going crazy for the leftover cookies since. Now they are truly The Birdz Cookies.

Cookie Crow IMG_1834_1

Where can I stash this…?

Peanut and Cookie Please IMG_1649_1

I’m claiming one piece of cookie and one peanut.

Crow with Cookie & Peanut IMG_1584_1

Caution: wide load.

Joy of Cookie IMG_1698_1

Ah, the joy of cookie…

Crow IMG_1950_1

Crow IMG_1951_1

Crow's Cookies IMG_1685_1

Crow Cookies IMG_1413_1

6 thoughts on “The Joy of Cookie

  1. Love the post, Lisa. I”m envious because if I were to do anything like this the dogs would eat everything long before the birds ever got to them. I even have to lock up the chickens while they eat or the dogs will eat their food as well.You’d think they were starved.

    • Thanks, Jo Ann! I’m telling you having a murder of crows following you around is not all it’s cracked up to be! I don’t think you would want to trade your dogs, chicken coop, and all that space for a public park in the city. As it is I can’t attract crows to my own little yard in the burbs – the squirrels get everything.

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