Oh Drear

Cloud Gate IMG_9861_1

Cloud Gate, Millennium Park,Chicago

It’s been pretty boring lately. The weather so-so, the drought continuing, such that the sight of snow on my front steps Friday morning came as a complete shock, like what is this stuff?

Snow Flurries IMG_9843_1

Although at times it looked like it could get serious it really never amounted to much.

Gulls Far Out IMG_9741_1

Ice on Lake Michigan

If it was hard to focus my mind on anything, it was equally difficult to get the camera to focus on anything. No light, no color, blah, blah, blah.

Ice IMG_9724_1

Yet it’s still better to be outside than to be stuck inside, so every day I continued to search for some meaning.

First Snow IMG_9882_1

View from the 46th floor…

Even if it was through the office windows.

First Snow IMG_9899_1

The snow came the next morning and covered up the ice.

First Snow IMG_9891_1

Snow also affords more places to stash peanuts.

Flurries IMG_9810_1

The white stuff only lasted a day, and melted away.

Stay tuned, my frustration with cabin fever and boredom eventually gave way to a couple chases.

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