Chicago Lakefront Longings

Crow IMG_7859_1

A couple weeks ago I went down to the lakefront before work, to reconnect with whatever crows I could find, and see if there were any interesting waterfowl present.

Sculpture IMG_7780_1

It was a nice, if crisply cold, sunny morning. New was the addition of some sculptures.

Sculpture IMG_7900_1

Sculpture IMG_7973_1

Sculpture IMG_7964_1

The revisions to the park where a lot of the crows used to hang out continued apace.

Park Project IMG_7895_1

Not half as many crows as I had before the demolition of Daley Bicentennial Plaza began. I can only imagine they have dispersed up and down the lakefront.

Crow-One More Peanut IMG_7804_1

Crow IMG_7906_1

In addition to the obligatory Canada Geese…

Geese IMG_7965_1

there were some Common Mergansers and a few Common Goldeneye too far away to photograph, but not much else.

Common Mergansers IMG_7926_1

Common Mergansers

Some lifeguard chair…?

Sculpture IMG_7866_1

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