Daley’s Daily Changes

Don’t fence me in…

Daley Bicentennial is now preparing to be officially closed to everyone. The cement horses went up first, and now the chain-link fencing.

The fences are going up everywhere.

There is still access, the Segway Tours haven’t left yet, and as long as I can fit through an opening in the fence, I’m going in.

The construction equipment accumulates.

And accumulates.

Tools of Destruction

And accumulates.

The trees are going slowly to sleep, for the last time.

2 thoughts on “Daley’s Daily Changes

    • Thanks so much, Bob. I haven’t tried a Segway, I’m staying on my own two feet. Future park plans seem to indicate some kind of skating trails. I hope walking doesn’t become totally passe. How do you get those smiley faces to appear, anyway? =)

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