The Decimation of Daley Bicentennial Plaza

The decimation of my favorite stomping ground has begun. No trees have been uprooted yet, but holes are being dug.

The crows must find the overturned earth interesting. I first found them foraging for grubs and other delicacies.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

The weather has changed, progressing into autumn with a push of colder air and rapidly shortened days. Warbler migration is all but over now, save a few Yellow-Rumps.

Swamp Sparrow

Sparrow migration is here. A beautiful Swamp Sparrow flew into the native plant area in the middle of the park. Then I found the first-year White-Crowned Sparrow below, hiding behind the cage that still protects a young tree in the park, although it seems ironic now. The tree will soon be gone.

Juvenile White-Crowned Sparrow

Destruction crew

The crows have seen this as an opportunity to reclaim the park, and me, at least for a short period of time. I ran out of peanuts too quickly this afternoon but it didn’t matter how often I showed them the empty bag, they still followed me almost everywhere.

So I snuck off to Peanut Park, the lower-elevation area that runs between Daley and a portion of Lake Shore Drive, and found a first-year Hermit Thrush among several others.

First Year Hermit Thrush

When I came back up the stairs the crows were waiting for me. I promised to bring more peanuts tomorrow. They still think I have the power to produce food for them at will.

We are going to miss the trees. What next?

4 thoughts on “The Decimation of Daley Bicentennial Plaza

  1. It’s sad Lisa. My second best friends are the trees. Everywhere the concrete is devouring all fields for the sake of … Civilization???

    • Thanks for your comment, HJ. Eventually there wil be more trees after they replace the garage roof on top of which this whole park sits, and supposedly more “natural” areas, but in the meantime the crows and visitors will have to find another place to hang out.

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