Crow Clash

I went down to the lakefront early last week and brought the standard fare, hot dogs and peanuts, for the crows. The downside to feeding the crows like this is that now their population has increased enough for them to split up into tribes, and I am still not quite sure where the boundary lines lie. To complicate matters, I’ve been going down lately to look for migrants, so I haven’t been paying my usual attention to the crows.

As it turned out, there were hardly any migrants that morning, but I did capture this altercation between an intruder crow and a perhaps-lower-on-the-totem-pole crow.

How many crows IS this?

2 thoughts on “Crow Clash

  1. Talking about violence in the streets! These guys are really going at it! Must be a territorial dispute. Great shots Lisa! 🙂

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