Warbler One on One

Black and White Warbler

Fall warbler migration seems to be early this year, just as summerlike weather hit us in March and seemed to drive an early spring migration as well. I’ve been hunting for the brightly colored gems of the bird world and it’s been a fairly good week in spite of limits on my time.

But then I end up with too many pictures to go through and no time to do that. They’ll be dribbling in eventually.

I had my closest encounter yesterday morning with a Black-and-White Warbler that flew in to the green area at 155 North Wacker. He foraged in and out of the shade of the plantings, giving me several opportunities to appreciate his dapper plumage.

2 thoughts on “Warbler One on One

  1. Lisa you’re so lucky to have seen a Black and White Warbler! I’ve never seen one yet and I wish to see it some day. 🙂

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