A crow’s garden of hot dogs

Hot dogs 101

Friday I decided to surprise the new crow fledglings with a few hot dogs cut up in small pieces. Their cousins, who were fledglings themselves just last year, helped themselves.

It was a hot day to be a crow. I felt sorry for these all-black birds, and here I was bringing salty hot dogs. So I also brought a little plastic container and put water in it, but only one bird figured it out by the time I was ready to leave.

Got a sip?

However, they all know there’s a little water left in the drinking fountain.

Family Portrait

As far as I can tell there are three fledglings. I took this picture on Wednesday. The parent bird is the second from the left. They have been weaned in birth order, the oldest first, the next day, the middle child and on Friday, the youngest was still begging.

Feed me…?

Finally, the fledge discovered a pile of pre-chewed hot dogs waiting for him.

Gotta think fast here…

and he could not resist. He picked up the whole pile.

Now what?

But then he was wondering what to do with it.

Mom? Dad?

There were no coaches available. He was on his own.

A day in the life.

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  1. Excellent essay of a day in a Crow’s family. Well documented with your pictures. Thanks Lisa! 🙂
    Crows and Ravens are considered the smart birds, they’re quick to solve problems.

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