Crow Games

Wednesday morning I was making my early lakefront-before-work birding rounds, not finding much of anything new, but ran into a human friend who runs in the park and also feeds the crows (obviously the crows have the upper hand in their relationship with us, but we remain amused by it). Anyway, we were standing there talking when I realized there was some commotion a few feet away and I just started shooting the sequence here. I don’t think I could have gotten these photos if it had just been the crows and me because the dynamic would have been different, i.e., the crows would have been focused on courting me for more handouts. But by talking to my friend, the focus was off either one of us and these two had a chance to tussle.

White Wing is often the butt of aggression so I was surprised to see that she was the aggressor. I believe her target is the youngest bird of the four, though, so maybe that explains the heirarchy. But to see a crow on its back – this is the ultimate in submissive behavior!

But then he decides he’s not going to take it lying down anymore.

And goes after her.

She utters what must have been a silent protest.

And starts sinking lower herself.

Crow with Cookie

Maybe there was too much sugar in the cookies this time.

Not sure if this was the end or the beginning, but the crows always have the last word.

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