Grant Park Crows Post

What can I say? The Grant Park juvenile crows are glad to have me back in town.

The Ring-Billed Gulls are beginning to assemble and they are the crows’ biggest competitors.

I used to feed gulls until the crows got curious enough to reason with me. When I switched to crows it involved a lot of hard thinking to keep the gulls at bay. The crows finally suggested I put hot dogs under the trees, because the gulls prefer wide open spaces. You can see why the crows like me; I’m trainable.

But the gulls are savvy city birds as well and can be seen careening through the glass and steel canyons of the Loop. Some of them aren’t cowed by a few stands of trees in a park, and it only takes one gull to start a riot.

It’s going to be an interesting summer for the juves who are still trying to figure out squirrels.

This squirrel isn’t reacting at all to White Wing’s threatening stance.

Guess she’ll have to cache what she can.

2 thoughts on “Grant Park Crows Post

  1. Ha! I’ve seen my blue jays do something similar with squirrels. One time, one of my blue jays hopped back and forth behind a squirrel while making its quiet bell-like noises; the squirrel was non-plussed and kept noshing on the peanuts I had set out. The blue jay eventually gave up and flew away. I thought it was odd and hilarious given how loud blue jays can scream. 🙂

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