Winter birding in New Mexico

I have been to New Mexico several times in my life but never as a birdwatcher. I was thrilled to see the Scrub Jays, which look and sound ever-so-different from the ones I was used to in California’s East Bay area.

Western Scrub Jay

I was fortunate to join the Evanston North Shore Bird Club trip to New Mexico last week for three and a half days in one of my favorite places on earth.

Cryssal Thrasher

The birds were quite cooperative once we found them, like this Cryssal Thrasher sitting up.

There’s much more to write and I have many, many more photos to go through but I will need a few more days to do so. Before I go, a few more photos. Here’s a beautiful Green-Tailed Towhee.

Green-Tailed Towhee

And a Canyon Towhee…

Canyon Towhee

Goodnight for now. I leave you with this winter scene.

New Mexico in the snow

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