First Fall for Young Crows

The juvenile crows in the park already seem to know me better than previous generations, which makes me think I am genetically imprinted on them. They ignore all other humans but me, and have grown so bold as to sit and caw loudly like impatient children when I have stopped to talk to a friend. I suppose I’ve been encouraging them by showing up three to four times a week under the guise of looking for migrants before the season runs out. And I have seen them over a longer period of time, since June this year, whereas in previous years I never got to see juvenile crows until August.

White-winged Crow

The white-winged crow likes the fact that I notice him and returns the favor.

He’s still living a life of leisure in the park, food is plentiful, not much to worry about. He can spend a lot of time shelling peanuts, as in this video clip.

There have been sparrows flocking to the leaf litter and the lawns, and along with them, Golden-Crowned Kinglets.

Golden-Crowned Kinglet

And here’s a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet in a small tree.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

And a Hermit Thrush was also curious to see who was taking pictures. In the park, they’re a lot less hermetic.

Hermit Thrush

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