Getting Into Everything

Paper Towels, the Perfect Nesting Material

Because I suspected my zebra finches really liked the drip from the kitchen faucet I was about to replace, I shot a video clip of a couple little guys bathing before I got the new faucet installed. There was probably a slow drip for a long time, but the past few weeks the drip never stopped so I had to get it fixed. I was collecting dripping water overnight to use for the birds but I couldn’t get it all, filling up more than a half gallon pitcher by morning.

My finches all bathe in a pie-plate bath on top of the middle finch cage, but the zebra finches like to take a bath in my breakfast dishes after they’ve been soaking in the sink all day while I’m at work. The routine when I get home is to open the kitchen door and the zebras call and go sailing right in over my head into the kitchen and sit on the pot rack, waiting for turns dipping their heads in my glass full of water.

In short, anything that exists in the house is fair game for these birds.

Rolled up rug to explore

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